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Cigar Storage in Spanish Cedar Humidors at Charlies Cigars Mumbai

By Ronn L
In May 27, 2023

Charlie’s Cigars in Powai, Mumbai is a renowned shop that excels in storing and aging cigars to perfection, thanks to its exceptional use of Spanish cedar humidors. The establishment understands the importance of proper cigar storage and takes great care in preserving the quality and flavor of their premium cigar selection.

Spanish cedar humidors are widely regarded as the gold standard for cigar storage. The wood’s natural properties help maintain ideal humidity levels, ensuring that cigars remain in optimal condition over time. Charlie’s Cigars recognizes this and invests in high-quality Spanish cedar humidors, offering a secure and controlled environment for their cigars.

By storing cigars in Spanish cedar humidors, Charlie’s Cigars creates a balanced and stable atmosphere. The cedar imparts a subtle aroma that enhances the aging process, adding depth and complexity to the cigars’ flavors. Additionally, the wood’s ability to absorb and release moisture helps regulate humidity, preventing cigars from drying out or becoming overly moist.


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The knowledgeable staff at Charlie’s Cigars understands the intricacies of cigar storage and regularly monitors the humidity levels within the humidors. They ensure that cigars are stored at the appropriate temperature and humidity, allowing them to mature gracefully and develop their desired characteristics.

When visiting Charlie’s Cigars in Powai, Mumbai, customers can expect a wide selection of premium cigars that have been meticulously stored in Spanish cedar humidors. Whether you are seeking a freshly rolled cigar or a well-aged vintage blend, you can trust that Charlie’s Cigars maintains their collection in optimal condition, guaranteeing a superior smoking experience.

In conclusion, Charlie’s Cigars in Powai, Mumbai is renowned for its commitment to preserving the quality and flavor of cigars through the expert use of Spanish cedar humidors. By ensuring proper storage and aging, the establishment offers customers the opportunity to indulge in perfectly preserved cigars, showcasing the dedication to excellence and the passion for delivering an unparalleled.

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